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01 September 2008 @ 10:22 am
Hey everyone, its been a long ride but I'd like to announce that I'm closing this community. Have I given up icon making? Nope. It's just time for me to move from this name. I'm opening up another community but this time with gabranth, who finally took the initiative and asked me to make an icon community with her. XD

I have already moved some of the basic entries of my awards and resources and the tutorial list over to my new community, but soon you'll be seeing me update all of my claims- the sentient icons and the 100variations over there. :)

My new community is draklor_labs and soon I will more than likely post a request post. :)

I will no longer post updates to this journal, because I've always changed journals. I am no longer nabreus (contrary to which this is posted), I am now folkloric.
Current Music: amuro namie - do me more